The Basics

keeping it simple

Think PokemonGo for careers

Our mission: Re-imagine career events for the digital generation

This project is the brainchild of entrepreneur Kieran Miles who said, "I had the initial idea when I saw a painted dragon trail, you simply walked around looking for painted dragons across Norwich. I just thought it would amazing if we used the same concept however encouraged people to find out more about our local businesses and the skills they need for you to work in them instead.”

“We know there’s a skills shortage in digital careers and we also know that there are loads of exciting and interesting opportunities, I guess it just comes down to engaging people in a different way and hopefully #DigitalCity can do some awesome.”

“Many young people don’t really know where to look when it comes to finding a career and although parents are supportive, they often don’t understand what digital jobs look like, therefore this project should hopefully open up new doors, perspectives and lots of conversation. Just think PokemonGO for careers.”